Seafood With Perfect Grill Marks Using the “10 and 2″ Method

Want those perfect grill marks when making your seafood recipes? The opening of the grilling season is almost upon us. However if your are a true grilling enthusiast like me your motto is like that of the mailman - "Neither rain, snow, sleet, hail, or cold weather will keep us from our appointed grilling time." Do you admire those snazzy grill marks you see in the food magazines? Here Chef John shows you how with the simple and easy 10 and 2 methods. Your guests will think you are a professional and the taste is great. Although the video shows this technique being used on chicken and red meat it works just as well on seafood. When I'm grilling salmon fillets I usually leave the skin on since it keeps the fish together so I only use this technique on one side. However if you don't like the skin or want those grilling marks on both sides you can easily remove the skin by sliding a sharp knife between the skin and the bottom meat. Be careful of your hands. If you are unsure of the technique check out some of the other salmon videos here at SeafoodRecipes.TV. that show the technique.

I'll also be putting together some videos that demonstrate some other great accessories for summertime grilling. Have you ever started your charcoal with charcoal fluid and then had to endure seafood tainted with a charcoal fluid taste and smell? That smell seems to linger long after the directions on the charcoal lighter fluid tells you it should be gone. An easy solution is a charcoal chimney. Have you ever had the problem of small seafood falling through the barbecue grate and getting cremated on the coals? Want to grill vegetables without them experiencing the same fate? Another great took is a grill topper often known as a wok topper.

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